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2020 Sermon Archives


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January 5

"Epiphany - The Twelve Days Of Christmas--Paul Thomas"

February 2

"Nahum: The Fall Of The Oppressor--Paul Thomas"

March 1

"Cross Series #1--Embodying God's Love--Paul Thomas"

April 5

"Palm Sunday Sermon--Paul Thomas"

January 12

"Becoming Spirit-Led--Cheryl Thomas"

February 9

"A Study On Grace--Cheryl Thomas"

March 8

"Cross Series #2--Suffering For Us--Paul Thomas"

April 12

"Paul & Cheryl Thomas"

January 19

"Minor Prophet--Jonah: The God Of Second Chances--Paul Thomas"

February 16

"Amos: A Prophet For The Needy--Paul Thomas"

March 15

"Cross Series #3--Redemption--Cheryl Thomas"

April 19

"Fear Not--Paul Thomas"

January 26

"The Word For 2020--Cheryl Thomas"

February 23

"When Division Occurs--Cheryl Thomas"

March 22

"Reconciliation--Paul Thomas"

April 26

"Fear Of Coronavirus--Cheryl Thomas"

March 29

"Mercy & Justice--Mercy & Justice--Paul Thomas"

May June July August
May 3

"Defeating Doubt--Paul Thomas"

June 7

"The Essential Attitude For Success--Cheryl Thomas"

July 5

"Don't Deliberately Invite A Typhoon Into Your Life--Paul Thomas"

August 2

"A Call To Grace"

May 10

"In Celebration Of Mother's Day--Cheryl Thomas"

June 14

"Don't Throw Away Your Confidence--Paul Thomas"

July 12

"The Thief Has A Plan For Your Life--Paul Thomas"

August 9

"A Call To Courage--Cheryl Thomas"

May 17

"Isn't It Time T Hit Th Rewing Button?--Paul Thomas"

June 21

"Becominng The Dad You Were Meant To Be--Paul Thomas"

July 19

"Loved By God's Powerful Hands--Dave Bell"

August 16

"Which Voice Fo You Hear?--Cheryl Thomas"

May 24

"Dealing With Wrong--Cheryl Thomas"

June 28

"How To Remedy Spiritual Boredom In Your Life--Paul Thomas"

July 26

"Be A Holy Terror To The Kingdom Of Darkness--Paul Thomas"

August 23

"Great Is Thy Faithfulness--Cheryl Thomas"

May 31

"Don't Do What You're Tempted To Do When Someone Gets Ugly With You!--Paul Thomas"

August 30

"Racism--Paul Thomas"

September October November December
September 6

"The Good Shepherd--Mark Steury"

October 4

"The Land of Milk and Honey Series, Part 1: “God’s Promises”--Cheryl Thomas"

November 1

"Habakkuk - God Of The Unexpected--Paul Thomas"

December 6


September 13

"How To Overcome Racism--Paul Thomas"

October 11

"Land Of Milk and Honey, Part 2: Where Jesus Ministered--Cheryl Thomas"

November 8

"Adjusting To Darkness--Cheryl Thomas"

December 13


September 20

"Racism, Reconciliation And Healing--Paul Thomas"

October 18

"Hosea-Unconditional Love--Paul Thomas"

November 15

"Unbind What Is Bound--Cheryl Thomas"

December 20


September 27

"Emulate Eliezer--Cheryl Thomas"

October 25

"The Land Of Milk and Honey Series, Part 3: Roads: Where Jesus Walked--Cheryl Thomas"

November 22


December 27


November 29