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2017 Sermon Archives


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Find the "Red" date below for the sermon you wish to listen to, then click the date to play the sermon.


January February March April
January 1

"No Sermon Today"

February 5

"One Way--Lafayette Jordan"

March 5

"Acceptance--K. C. Klarner"

April 2

"Signs Pointing To Jesus--Jim Davis"

January 8

"A Biblical Approach to Examining One's Church"--Paul & Cheryl Thomas

February 12

"Be The Salt--Steve Cain"

March 12

"No Sermon--Manchester University Troupe"

April 9

"Not What You Expect--David Cutrell"

January 15

"Come and See--Carol Spicher Waggy"

February 19

"Judge Not--Jeffery Copp"

March 19

"Because We Are Brethren--Cheryl Thomas"

April 16

"Drama on Crucificion and Reserection--Pastors Cheryl and Paul Thomas"

January 22

"Living In Fear--David Lawrenz"

February 26

"Do Not Worry--Carol Spicher Waggy"

March 26

"Persist In Being Loved and Being Love--Kimberly Koczan-Flory"

April 23

"It's An Inside Job--Lafayette Jordan"

January 29

"Be Doers, Not Hearers Alone--Bekah Houff"

April 30

"The Ministry of Reconciliation--Nashon Azaki"

May June July August
May 7


June 4

"I have Plans for You, Declares the Lord--Cheryl Thomas"

July 2

"Annual Conference Streaming"

August 6

"Prayer, Come As You Are--Cheryl Thomas"

May 14

"Biblical Women are Models for All Women"--Paul Thomas

June 11

"Living Stones--Paul Thomas"

July 9

"It was heard that He was in the house--Lafayette Jordon"

August 13

"Prayer: Hope vs Cynicism--Paul Thomas"

May 21

"The Air That We Breathe--Cheryl Thomas"

June 18

"Boldly Approach the Throne of God--Cheryl Thomas"

July 16

"Think Like Him--Paul Thomas"

August 20

"The Lord's Prayer--Cheryl Thomas"

May 28

"War or Peace"--Paul & Cheryl Thomas

June 25

"Servant Leadership--Paul Thomas"

July 23

"God's Ways are not our Ways--Cheryl Thomas"

August 27

"Unanswered Prayer--Paul Thomas"

July 30

"Little Children, Come to My Kingdom--Paul Thomas"

September October November December
September 3

"Our Refuge and Strength--Cheryl Thomas"

October 1

"Do Not Fear--Cheryl Thomas"

November 5

"Doubt, the Unwanted Guest--Paul Thomas"

December 3

"Traditions--Paul & Cheryl Thomas"

September 10

"God, Please Deliver Us, Be Our Refuge and Be Our Shield--Paul Thomas"

October 8

"Lions, Cobras, & Serpents! Oh My--Paul Thomas"

November 12

"Be Stilland Know That I Am God--Cheryl Thomas"

December 10

"Hope, The Breath of Heaven--Cheryl Thomas"

September 17

"The Prayersof Jabez, Paul, and Habakkuk--Cheryl Thomas"

October 15

"Eight Promises of God--Cheryl Thomas"

November 19

"What Happened To Thanksgiving--Paul Thomas"

December 17

"God's Inner Peace For Our Lives--Paul Thomas"

September 24

"Building God's Church Through Stewardship--Paul Thomas"

October 22

"When Bad Things Happen to Good People--Paul Thomas"

November 26

"Prayer Tools--Paul Thomas"

December 24

"Love, Gift From Heaven--Cheryl Thomas"

October 29

"Mourning to Morning--David Radcliff"

December 31

"The Epiphany - The Three Kings--Paul Thomas"