Lincolnshire Church of the Brethren

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Telephone: (260) 456-1993


2018 Sermon Archives


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January February March April
January 7

"Together In Ministry--Torin Eikler, District Executive"

February 4

"Riding The Wave--Cheryl Thomas"

March 4

"A Drop Of Water--Cheryl Thomas"

April 1

"An Empty Tomb, Not An Empty Promise--Cheryl Thomas"

January 14

"Brethren Roots--Paul Thomas"

February 11

"The House Upon The Rock Stood Firm"

March 11

"How To Have A Seeker Family Church--Paul Thomas"

April 8

"In The Absence Of God--Paul Thomas"

January 21

"Alexander Mack--Casey Drudge"

February 18

"God's Purposes For Our Church--Paul Thomas"

March 18

"Recipe For Success--Cheryl Thomas"

April 15

"Better Days Are Coming--Cheryl Thomas"

January 28

"Basic Brethren Beliefs--Cheryl Thomas"

February 25

"The Final Purposes of the Church--Paul Thomas"

March 25

"Palm Sunday - Here Comes The King--Paul Thomas"

April 22

"Breaking The Cycle--Paul Thomas"

April 29

"Praise The Lord, My Soul--Cheryl Thomas"

May June July August
May 6

"Our Hallelujah Mission--Paul Thomas"

June 3

"Reaching Out To Others--Paul Thomas"

July 1

"Welcome Change--Cheryl Thomas"

August 5

"The Final Wilderness Mentalities--Paul Thomas"

May 13

"Maternal Image of God--Cheryl Thomas"

June 10

"Midwifing Change--Cheryl Thomas"

July 8

"Conference Video"

August 12

"Living Parables--Cheryl Thomas"

May 20

"Pentecost--Paul Thomas"

June 17

"Blessings To You, From Your Father--Paul Thomas"

July 15

"What are the Wrong Thoughts We Should Eliminate?--Paul Thomas"

August 19

"The 23rd Psalm--Paul Thomas"

May 27

"The Whole Armor Of God--Cheryl Thomas"

June 24

"Facing Spiritual Battles--Cheryl Thomas"

July 22

"The Negative Thoughts of One's Mind--Part II"--Paul Thomas

August 26

"Shepherding--Cheryl Thomas"

July 29

"Wilderness Mentalities, #1-5--Cheryl Thomas"

September October November December
September 2

"The Parable of the Wise Builder and Foolish Builder--Paul Thomas"

October 7

"The Meaning Of Baptism--Paul Thomas"

November 4

"Brethren Present And Future, The Compelling Vision--Paul Thomas"

December 2

"Not A Royal Birth--Cheryl Thomas"

September 9

"Preach The Truth--Cervantes & Kimberly Sosa"

October 14

"Lost Then Found--Cheryl Thomas"

November 11

"Global Missions--Cheryl Thomas"

December 9

"Different Types Of Angels--Paul Thomas"

September 16

"How Do We Get Rid Of Evil Without Destroying Good?--Cheryl Thomas"

October 21

"The Genius Of Effective Waiting--Paul Thomas"

November 18

"Interruptions and Detours To Our Life's Pathways--Paul Thomas"

December 16

"Protective Angels--Cheryl Thomas"

-->September 23

"Two Parable On Prayer And Laughter--Paul Thomas"

October 28

"Spiritual Transformation--Cheryl Thomas"

November 25

"The Lord Is Your Keeper--Sue Richard"

December 23

"Facts And Fantasies About Angels--Paul Thomas"

September 30

"Tale Of The Talents--Cheryl Thomas"

December 30

"What Is Salt?--Mark Riege"